Friday, June 14, 2013

Confusion: Pt 2 - Gay Rights

Image borrowed from PCMag
In honor of Gay Pride Month, I've chosen gay rights as the next topic in the "Confusion" series. I think this particular issue is the one that confuses me the most. The most baffling part is the simple thought that, "Why is this even an issue? Why do so many people feel the need to tell others how they are allowed to live their lives?"

I know that many Christians believe that homosexuality is a sin, expressly forbidden as stated in the Bible. Okay, that is their prerogative to believe according to their faith. But LGBT people are not asking the Christians to become gay. They are not trying to break up Christian relationships. They are simply trying to live their lives in the way they see fit, being with the one they love and asking for the same respect given to heterosexual relationships. Acceptance over judgment is supposed to be a very "Christian" attitude. They won't even give tolerance. Homosexuality is not an infectious disease or mental disorder. It's not a choice someone makes one day and can just change their mind about. It is the natural instinct of personal attraction. The choice comes when trying to decide to whom it is safe to share their feelings.

I know that not all Christians feel that way. It is vocal ones, the ones with money and power that make this such an issue. It is why I'll never EVER give a dime of my money to Chick-fil-A again. Fundamentalists who believe that their faith is the only true faith will fight against anything that goes against what they believe is right. They will incite anger, hatred, and violence for their cause because they are certain their God wants such ugliness. No God I ever learned about in my years at churches would ever condone such senseless hate. The Jesus I read about would not tolerate such ignorance. It is this new idea of what God and Jesus are to the Fundamentalists that would allow it, that supposedly demand it. And the idea stated by many "important" Christian voices that school shootings and major disasters are God's way of punishing the world for the sin of homosexuality (among others) is disgusting and despicable.

What really gets me is the constant right wing demand for smaller and smaller government, saying there is already too much federal control, only to demand one of the most intimate and personal invasions by that same government. Big brother doesn't get much bigger than to tell a person who they can make a commitment to, who they can love. "No, you can't have my guns, but it's totally okay to go into that man's bedroom and take away his love." WTF is that!?! It is ridiculous that a spouse cannot receive the same benefits as a hetero couple simply because they won't conform to what is "normal." They don't ask others to change their choice of life partners. They would dare to say my love is just as valid as yours. Check out this video and tell me they don't love each other as much as you love your significant other. The true Christian God would not want to take away that love simply because it is not a man and a woman. Oh, and there is also this article answering someone's question of why there is not a Straight Pride Month. And this video that asks people when they chose to be straight. The responses are interesting.