Friday, May 10, 2013


I considered writing about the expected definition of this word. It would be simple enough. I'm so used to being judged (by others, but mostly myself) for so many of my life decisions that it would be easy to add to the list. I instead decided to go with an option much more constructive. My Robin Wood deck and "Tarot Plain and Simple" by Anthony Louis.

The Judgement Card from the Robin Wood Tarot
The card speaks to something much more helpful. It is a card of rebirth, dying to one life and being reborn to something new. The advice in Louis' guide says it is the end of a cycle, a time of renewal and awakening, and a time to reap the rewards of past actions. The time has come to wipe your slate clean and prepare for a positive new beginning.

The timing of judgement as my word for the week is uncannily perfect. Many of my old modes of thinking and feeling are dying, personal and professional. By moving my physical residence, packing up all of my belongings and purging the unnecessary as I unpack, I am seeing things in a new light, deciding what matters and what is a waste of my precious energies. I am learning that I don't have to limit my hopes and dreams. I only need to have realistic expectations. I can only complete one task at a time, can only do so many tasks in a day.

In my "professional" life, I am setting different goals as well. The day job, the one that currently pays the bills and the cat food, has to be less important than my heart's desire. I want to write stories. I want to write blogs and book reviews for the Pagan community. I want to create Pagan greeting cards. I can't do that if I let my retail job be so important, if I let my hard work, passion, and energy go to a job I don't absolutely love. So, it is time to embrace and manifest the message of the Judgement card in my everyday life. It's time to be reborn!