Sunday, January 27, 2013


I've been trying for some time to put together a spreadsheet of magick tools by intention. It's easy enough to go and find information on a particular tool. Most sites have a page devoted to the various scents of incense and what types of spells for which they work best. Then you have to find a completely different page for which color candle, which day, or which stones to use. I want to compile all of those tools into one place. We usually know exactly what the spell is intended to do and having all the possibilities in one list can save time and several searches.

This post is to poll my readers, find out which types of spells you do the most often. Which intentions would you like to see on the list? My current list contains about sixty different intentions. I want to make the list as inclusive as possible without filling it with spells that no one ever needs. Also, which tools do you use the most often? At the moment, the spreadsheet has color (whether it be candle or cloth), days of the week, element, stones, oils, herbs, and deities. Should I add others? Let me know what you think. I hope to have the list done and added to the site by the end of February. Thanks!