Saturday, June 25, 2011

Double Squee Week!

As promised, something not angry or sad to post here. :) For those who don't know, a "squee" is a a squeal of delight over something joyous and usually extremely nerdarific. Twice this week I came across something that caused a squee or three. In the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, there was an ad for the new Blu-Ray version of the Extended Edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the best films EVER. In that same magazine, they featured a sneak peek at the first of two films for "The Hobbit" due out Dec 2012. These two bits of joy made my day so much better, so worth dealing with a Friday in retail. Thank you so much Entertainment Weekly and Peter Jackson. :D

The other half of the double squee came from the genealogical part of my inner nerd (okay not so much inner). I got an e-mail about a free trial at a site I'd seen before but didn't really know if it would be any use. I figured a week for free would give me an idea how helpful it would be in my search for long lost ancestors. The site, called Footnote, has an extensive library of old city directories, scanned in and indexed to be searched. In some of those directories I found listings for my great-great grandfather, Hector Terni born in Austria. I knew he lived in New Orleans and then Missouri. What I didn't know was that once he got to St. Louis he started his own wholesale fruit company. The company is listed in the St. Louis directory for at least ten years. How very cool is that? Not only did he start his own company called the Hector Terni Fruit Company, but his sons and his wife all worked to make it successful. Looks like the source might be worth a small investment on my part for further searches.