Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've let a lot of stuff get my priority list all out of whack.

But on the plus side, I did get the new layout for Luna's Gathering uploaded. The site is so much easier to navigate. It is easier on the eyes and even has some new content. I try to add at least one new bit each week. The job that pays the bills is more than crazy in the summer and leaves me exhausted by the end of the night. I figure that little bits of success over a long period of time is much better than no success waiting for the big payoff. The farm site is in DESPERATE need of new content, but it is a bit depressing. The extreme heat has killed all the plants, so there's nothing happy to post right now. I found a nifty new layout for my Supernatural fan site. When I upload DHQ's new look, the site will also change its purpose a bit. With the show possibly ending next season, I wanted to expand the theme to keep it fresh. Demon Hunters Quarterly will be about the paranormal in all parts of life, not just the one show. There will still be a place for Supernatural on the site, but it will encompass so much more, including other great shows, the paranormal in films and literature, how it affects and has affected our culture, and even have a section for real encounters.

Still haven't worked on any SEO for any of the sites. That is still coming. Haven't added anything new to CafePress. I am averaging about 8-10 sales a month, which is pretty awesome with no work on my end. I also plan to help another friend with her up and coming SPN fan site. I'll post a link here when it is live.

On the writing front, I started the SPN/CSI crossover. I only have the one chapter so far. I also joined a drabble challenge group. A drabble is basically a story or scene told in exactly 100 words. The leaders of the group send out a new word each week. We write a drabble that incorporates that word and post it for all to read. As usual, I'm late to the game. They've already done 50 challenges. I will try to write about 2 or 3 of the older challenges a week to post with the new words as they are sent. It is a great writing exercise. It'll help me write tighter, cleaner stories. And it is a blast trying to find new and unusual ways to use a word, hoping you don't do the same as all the other participants. The "group" started out as two people. They are now the admins for the group that has grown to almost 100 people. All of my writing can be found at my profile.