Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New design!!

Yep, time to show the newest design at Luna's Gathering. It's been in the store for about a month. It hasn't sold yet, but about half of my designs have never sold, as yet. I have about 5 designs that sell fairly regularly and a few that sell sporadically. My best seller is "WWWD What Would Dean Do?" My most recent sale was the design that simply says "really?" With set backs in getting stuff on lunasgathering.com and everyday life keeping me busy, I hadn't created a new design since the design I put up for Yule. I plan very soon to find some creative, free ways to promote my stores, as well as my websites to boost sales. Every little thing I can do to increase my chances of quitting my crap retail job, I will. Until then, gotta keep the day job. Now to the newest addition!