Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Following Through

As I said in my last post, I needed to update both of my websites. I can finally say, "I did it!" I still haven't done the major overhaul I want to Luna's Gathering, but the content is fairly fresh and the dead links are gone. The major reworking will come soon. And even better, I got the new issue of Demon Hunters Quarterly up. It lacks only a completed main story (which should be done in the next couple of days), but other than that it's complete. For the first time since I started the site I don't have empty spaces with the "coming soon" promise. I added a featured author to the fan fiction section and a few smaller things. Now that my sites aren't stagnant I can start producing a few new designs. I need at least 4 more to get ready for the Christmas rush (if there is one with this economy). I'll post the new designs here as I add them to my stores.

Oh, and the move was successful. Now to the unpacking. :D