Monday, September 15, 2008

Must watch video

Regardless of who you are planning to vote for in the upcoming election, there are some facts that EVERY American should be made aware of. We live in a country that claims to be a democracy. It even gives a decent illusion of being such. But this video, called Hacking Democracy shows how quickly and easily an election can be purchased. Just as it probably was the last two elections. When the CEO of the company that supplies the computers to tally the votes freely admits to vote tampering, we have to wonder if an election will even matter. The election will go to the highest bidder, which most likely means the Republicans. It begs the question, "If the last two elections had not been helped along by a greedy corporation, would we have had to suffer through these two debilitating terms under Bush? What would the economy look like? Would we already have the beginnings of a greener way of life?" Why the hell bother to vote if they can tweak a computer in seconds to fix the results?

I hadn't intended to put this on my business/creative blog, but I wanted to reach as many people as possible with the link to the video. Not that I have huge readership here, but what the hell? One more person reached is a step in the right direction.