Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My second fan fic

I've been working on a story since November. One much longer than my first one-shot. I've put off posting any of it until I had an ending. Which, I realized, is what I've done. Put it off and put it off. It was the perfect excuse not to just post it and hope for the best. I know now that the only way to learn from my writing mistakes is to put them out there and let others tell me what those mistakes are. I have 7 chapters posted so far. The story should end up with maybe 2 more chapters, 3 if my muse starts adding more like it has since last November. I also figured out that I work better under a deadline. With bunches of readers bugging for an ending, maybe I can finally put this one to bed and work on the next story, a sequel of sorts to my first story. I have almost the whole first chapter done on that one. Here is a link to my fanfiction.net profile, lunasgathering39, which includes links to both of my stories. I also plan to finally finish an InuYasha story I started well over a year ago. It merely lacks a better ending. It seems the end of the story is my weak spot.