Monday, June 19, 2006

The longest week ever?

Week one managed to become 3 weeks long. Procrastination, my biggest enemy, was working overtime. With encouraging words and a few explanations, Rivercrow got me back on track. Following the spirit of the rules is much more important than following them to the letter. She helped me realize that different lifestyles call for slight adjustments to makes things work.

The biggest hurdle in the first week is identifying enemies to my creative self-worth. To face them head on and realize I'm not the only one to "blame" for my self doubt. Then we have to list champions. This was a bit easier. Remembering the good is always easier. The best task of week one was one of the last ones. If you had 5 other lives to lead, what would you choose? My choices were:

  • singer

  • animator

  • astronaut

  • martial artist

  • store owner

My artist's date was a trip to Michael's. I slowly perused almost every aisle. In the end, I bought myself a new sketchbook, colored pencils, and stencil paints and daubers. These will be perfect supplies for future artist dates. I may even post a few of my new creations here.

Saturday, June 3, 2006

Do Over

My life went completely crazy last week. This made it virtually impossible to do anything but stress. I want to do this program the right way. So Monday will be a do over of week one. Now that I have DSL (and my life back on track), I'll post my progress at least 3 times a week. I really felt I didn't give it my all the first time I started.