Sunday, May 28, 2006

Week One

The first week, called "Recovering a Sense of Safety" is about facing the monsters in our past and realizing our support system. I was never really discouraged from being creative, but I wasn't encouraged either. I didn't know I had any artistic talent until I was an adult. So my "monsters" were of my self-worth in general. I was supposed to focus on specific instances in my past, but I have very few memories of my childhood. Just bits and pieces, the occasional feeling. So relating any specific stories was a bit difficult. The people who've been the most supportive of me were more recent, so that was a bit easier. I wasn't a complete success with the morning pages my first week. This does leave room for improvement. I only managed to write them 4 out of the 7 days, which was more than I expected myself to be able to get up early for. My artist's date was a bit shorter than two hours, but I didn't weasel my way out and I didn't bring anyone else along. If my ISP will allow, I plan to post a little more often than once a week. Writing things out, both here and on paper, has and will make a huge difference.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tomorrow it starts

Tomorrow is the first day of my journey of creative recovery through the Artist's Way. This blog will be a diary of my progress and feelings as I go through the twelve week program. I probably won't post every day, just as I need to share my thoughts.