Monday, May 14, 2012

Separating personal and business

I realized this weekend that most, if not all, of my posts on the LG blog were not appropriate for the purpose of that blog. It should be focused on spirituality and how the website can bring like minded individuals together. And it will represent the culmination of my dream for simple, elegant, and occasionally humorous greeting cards for Pagan celebrations. The old posts, transferred here, we're of a more personal, individual nature and not at all professional. Family losses, plans for school, and fan fiction ideas don't belong on a company blog. While I didn't want to leave them on the LG blog, I didn't want to lose them either. So this blog went from 9 posts to 68 immediately. :) Enjoy the older posts and check out for future Luna's Gathering news, views, and card designs. News on upcoming fan fiction and personal obsessions will live here. Coming soon? Psych stories and finishing my SPN stories!