Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mixed Feelings

Many times over the last several months (maybe even years) I've felt very lucky and at the same time a bit guilty. I watch friends struggle with so many different things that I've never had to experience. While I know I'm not exactly living the high life, I wonder what I do that spares me the pain and suffering, the heartache and despair. I have a job that covers the bills and an occasional fun thing. I'm pretty healthy (mentally and physically) up to this point and if I get sick, my job has good insurance. The few times things get rough I know I have friends and family I can turn to for support. I'm even getting my crappy credit under control. Well, all but the pesky student loans. Those will be with me forever. ;) I feel like the people I know who have it SO rough deserve what I have so much more than me. They take hit after hit and get back up only to take yet another hit. And I am powerless to do more than be a shoulder on which to cry. The one good thing that comes of it is I don't take for granted how lucky I am. I know I could have it much worse.