Friday, March 19, 2010

Major hiatus

Many changes and problems in my personal life have taken their toll on business and creative endeavors. All of the websites have gone untouched for months. Also no fan fiction or new designs for Cafe Press. The two hardest things have been personal losses, one I couldn't expect and still can't believe.

New Years night my oldest niece was killed by a drunk driver. She was on her way home from a friend's and ran out of gas on the Tollway. She was sitting in her car waiting for help to arrive when the guy hit her. She would've been 24 next month. My sister is still at a loss on how to deal with losing her baby girl while still taking care of her youngest, who is only 13 and missing her big sister. The other loss was foreseen, but still painful. A friend was diagnosed with cancer last year and given pretty good odds on recovery. The doctors seemed very optimistic. Chemo did absolutely nothing and almost seemed to accelerate the growth. Just a week or two after burying my niece, my friend died in hospice, the cancer taking over his lungs. His last few months, he'd made peace with things and was ready to stop hurting. Not such an easy thing for those left behind.

It will be therapeutic to have work to focus on to make things hurt less one day at a time. Hopefully the next few weeks will bring the new direction for DHQ, new designs for Cafe Press, and finally marketing Luna's Gathering into a profitable business. Better to harness the energies for the positive than wallow in self pity. Maybe I can even make a little time for something as frivolous as some fan fiction.