Thursday, September 25, 2008

Super excited!!

I know it's been quiet here. With all the packing and the moving (which finally started in earnest on Tues) I haven't posted anything. Here's some good news on the creative front. I finally decided to break down and open another Cafe Press store. It is called DHQ Apparel, to go with my Demon Hunters Quarterly website. I moved all my "Supernatural inspired" designs there and added a couple of new designs. One is a logo design for the website. The other is from a line in the Season 4 premiere. Which was freaking amazing, btw! Yesterday I sold a WWDD mini button, and just 20 minutes ago I sold one of the new designs, not the logo but the one called Chew Toy. I couldn't believe I sold that so quickly. It's barely been up a couple of days. This good news tells me I need to take the time to fix both websites so I can get more customers to my stores. I have to promote myself. No one else will do it for me. Just need a little sleep first. ;)