Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Went for funny this time

Another co-worker request, this was also another very easy one to create. I simply traced a spork image in Illustrator, put some text to it, and gave it all a bevel. It worked out very nicely on the spork itself. I created the black for the light shirts and vice versa. I am left with only one other design ready to go. Which means getting my rear in gear and making more before the Christmas "rush" begins. I don't expect sales to be like they were last year with the economy in the toilet as it is. Not that my sales were spectacular compared to other shops. But I would like to have as much available as possible, just in case. In fact sales have already dropped to almost nothing. I went several months without a single sale. Had a few sales this month. Just a couple of buttons and bumper stickers.